The Birth of a New Beginning

Before having my fourth child, I was an elementary school teacher. I love working with children, and being able to foster a love of learning within these tiny beings was one of the most rewarding things I believed I could do, until I discovered that I have yet to find my calling.

I had 2 cesarean births and 2 VBA2Cs (Vaginal Birth After 2 C-Sections). Regardless of how my children were born into this world, it was absolutely beautiful each and every time. I wanted to hold on to that beautiful moment for a lifetime. The instant love and magical feeling that enters the room the moment you birth your baby, is irreplaceable. After having my fourth child, we had many births within our family and friends that followed. I started being asked for VBAC and natural birth support because of my calm nature, experience and research.  I realized this is where I want to be, in the birth world. I began researching careers to support mothers in labor, and discovered that I can fulfill my passion supporting mother’s through this beautiful experience in their life as a birth doula. I decided to go for a career change, and completed my birth doula training through DONA International.

After spending a lot of time researching and talking to mothers, I began to see that what we needed most as mothers is a village. Sometimes as new mothers we feel lost, not sure where to turn for support. I instantly knew this was my calling. I wanted to strive towards providing mothers a support system to call “their village.” A place where they can find the resources they need to feel supported, and connect to other moms. I began meeting with other professionals to work together and create a place where mothers can turn to for all of their needs.  As my list grew, I decided to begin A Higher Calling Birth Collective for all your birthing needs.

My vision for this blog is providing you with a wealth of knowledge from pregnancy & birth to tantrums and benefits of coconut oil. I will be partnering with professionals and experienced parents to bring you evidence based research along with tried and tested experience to support you in your parenting journey. Also be sure to keep up with our current events, where I will be listing local meet-ups and classes!

Afshan Abbasi