Setting a Purpose

"The element that gives importance to every action is an intention."

An intention for A Higher Calling Birth Collective:

At every moment the universe is born anew. It is in this constant state of rebirth that one can find the miraculous in the mundane. A bud blooms into a flower, each petal separating and opening to receive the world. An embryo differentiates into a chick and prepares to peck its way into the next sphere of existence. An elephant births her calf under the night sky after nearly two years of carrying her little pachyderm in her womb. A nebula forms in the ever expanding, ever changing universe. In every instance the light of a new life enters the world and alters the cosmos. 

As a mother brings her child into the world, from the sanctuary of her womb to the haven of her breast, she also goes through a transformation, a rebirth. She reasserts her identity as a woman and a mother. During this experience she may be flooded with emotions of excitement, fear, hope, anxiety, joy, and love. Throughout history, around the world, women were afforded safe space to labor and birth with the support and guidance of a village. Today, we find ourselves latently mourning the loss of the village. Having a strong birth team, however, is essential to recreating this village. Surrounded by caring, capable members of her birth team, a woman is able to bring new life into a refuge of love, strength, and peace.

Afshan Abbasi